Velocity-Pro (V-Pro) Carbon Wing Racing Paddles (+ Bag)


In addition to our ICON range of clothing and equipment, we have sourced the very highest standard quality paddles for surfski and kayak paddling. Our V-Pro branded paddles are inspired by the Jantex ‘Rio’ design and are manufactured using the latest technology, making them both lightweight and durable.

For details on blade size and paddle length, please contact our office before placing your order, so we can discuss precisely which blade size would be best to meet your exact needs*.

    ICON made for paddlesport:

    • Sprint & Marathon Kayaking


    • Full carbon
    • Adjustable shaft (190-230cm) with metal locking mechanism
    • Available in 4 different blade sizes, XS, S, M and M+
    • Up to 10cm adjustment
    • Includes bag



    *Please complete this form to accompany your paddles order: DOWNLOAD HERE.