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The ‘ILS’ (International Life Saving) Ski is primarily used for the sport of Surf Life Saving. Although not as fast as the Long Distance Ocean Ski, it is still used by many paddlers for Long Distance events.  In fact, the Molokai record still stands on a ‘ILS’ Ski.

The Icon ILS skis have a proven track record.  Raced by Australian double ski champion Dan Humble, who won a World bronze medal in 2014 and two European gold medals in 2015 on Icon Skis.

Icon ‘Hydrus’ Surf Skis:  New 2016 ‘GT’ and ‘Elite’  designs

Icon Hydrus Elite.  This ski is an upgrade of our 2015 European winning design.   Key changes are:

  • Greater nose lift for smashing through the surf without affecting its already impressive flat water speed.
  • Deeper seat for improved stability whilst maintaining optimum paddling position

Icon Hydrus GT.  Perfect for the less stable paddler.

For years manufactures have expected everyone to paddle a top end ‘elite’ ski.  Icon has solved this problem by designing a more stable ski for the less competitive paddler.  Although the ‘Elite’ ski is designed for top end speed, you may be faster on the ‘GT’, due to being more stable and having a more efficient technique.   Key features are:

  • Same length as elite model
  • Hull designed for greater stability
  • Enables a more powerful and technically efficient paddling stroke
  • Easier and more forgiving to handle in the surf

Both skis are designed to ILS criteria.

  • Weight: minimum 18kg.
  • Length: maximum 5.79m.
  • Width: minimum width at widest point of hull is 480mm.
  • All foot straps MUST incorporate an approved centre release system.



Custom Made To Measure Ski:

  • New foot well design for optimum leg drive.
  • Made to measure by sitting the paddler in our measuring jig to ensure optimum position.
  • Leg measurements can be sent to us and we can calculate the correct leg length for you.
  • Deeper seat option available

Adjustable Leg Length Ski:

  • Ideal choice as a club ski or for the paddler who is still growing.
  • Easy adjustable system – no tools needed.
  • 2 size options – long or short construction available.
  • Adjustment up to 6.5 inches in leg length.
  • Deeper seat option available


  • Standard construction is an all glass laminate.
  • For higher performance carbon / carbon kevlar construction available.
  • Laminate construction may change as manufacturer sees fit.


Options available:

  • Part of gel coat application.
  • First two colours included in price.
  • £10 per extra colour after first two
  • Transfers applied after ski has been made (price on application).
  • Sprayed artwork after ski has been made (price on application).

N.B. Guidance on construction and artwork is provided to ensure best option is chosen.

‘Ski order forms’ available under ‘Products’ tab… Contact office for more information or visit shop.

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