Icon Racing Spraydecks

Icon Racing Spraydecks


Icon is very proud to offer the ultimate range of industry-leading, kayak racing spraydecks. Starting with our Olympic Gold Medal Winning, ‘Sprint Pro Rio Gold’ – originally designed for use in the 2016 Rio Olympics and used by Spanish Men’s K2 200M winning finalists, Saul Craviottto and Cristian Toro! Now this same winning design is available for you to own! Plus, our best seller, the ‘Sprint Pro Racing’ designed for achieving all-out maximum speeds in both training and racing. And last but by no means least, the ‘Zip Pro Performance’ – still the same winning performance, whilst enabling easier entry and exit, if desired.

Icon Kayak Racing Spraydecks – world beating, Olympic gold medal winning performance. Choose Icon. No compromise.

  • Made from water and wind proof Aquatherm®
  • Minimise water collecting in your boat
  • Minimal weight gain when wet
  • Designed specifically to allow easy trunk rotation and leg drive
  • Adjustable waist to fit all sizes
  • Custom fit decks also made to order

Icon Sprint Pro Rio Gold

Icon Sprint Pro Rio Gold

Our Olympic Gold Medal Winning deck, the Icon Sprint Pro ‘Rio Gold’ is ultra lightweight, created for sprint race days and uncompromising race-winning performance. Designed using white Aquatherm® to help reflect heat during racing for optimum personal performance  – save it for competition day, knowing that you’ve got something special in your kit bag for the main event!


  • Ultra lightweight (220gms)
  • Water & windproof, fast-drying Aquatherm®
  • White for maximum heat reflection
  • Super-stretch

Available now at our online shop.

Icon Sprint Pro Racing

Icon Sprint Pro Racing

Similar design as the ‘Rio Gold’, the Sprint Pro ‘Racing’ is Icon’s original racing spraydeck – marginally heavier and more durable, specifically designed with sprinting in mind, but also for everyday training and racing.

  • Super lightweight (350gms)
  • Water & windproof, fast-drying Aquatherm®
  • Black or blue fabric design
  • Available with braces

icon-sprint-pro-spraydeck-photoSprint Pro Deck head to head water test:

  • Each deck was weighed when dry and then after being fully submerged in water for approximate sprint distance times (200/500/1000m).
  • Each deck was hung for 30 seconds after submersion to allow water run-off.

Deck/WeightDry35 Secs1 min 453 min 45
Icon Sprint Pro350 gms650 gms700 gms700 gms
Neoprene400 gms1.025k1.025k1.025k

Test Conclusion:

The Icon Sprint Pro Deck sheds water more easily and gains less weight compared to traditional neoprene decks.

Point for consideration:

At the end of your race, the results were affected by small margins……………….you were beaten by a paddler who had less water in their boat and a lighter deck.

Available now at our online shop.

 Icon Zip Pro Performance

Icon Zip Pro Racing Spraydeck

The Icon Zip Pro ‘Performance’ deck, has been designed for easy boat entry and exit.  The Aquatherm®  fabric helps reduce your boat filling with water and doesn’t go saggy when wet, like most other zip decks do. The heavy-duty zip allows for easy opening and closing. Tie back poppers have also been incorporated, to help prevent you sitting on the fabric during boat entry.

  • Lightweight (425gms)
  • Water & windproof, fast-drying Aquatherm®
  • Zip in and out for easy access
  • Open-deck popper system
  • Black or blue fabric design

Available now from our online shop.

Women's k4 2015 Icon Spraydeck

GB Women’s K4 2015 in action wearing Icon Sprint Pro Racing spraydecks in blue Aquatherm®
Photo: Peter Schofield

Aquatherm® Wash and Care Instructions 

Turn garment inside out. Short, warm, delicate wash, max 40 degrees in mild soapy water, (not detergent). Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not spin. Do not wring. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry over hot radiators or near excessive heat.

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